What is a Yukihira pot and how to use it


Japanese Saucepan Yukihira

Before we get into the topic, we must first clarify what a casserole is. But surely you already know that?! A casserole is a pot with a high rim and a handle to prepare sauces, but such a pot can also be used for stews and roasts. In Japan there is a special saucepan, that is a Japanese casserole: Yukihira.

The production

A Yukihira casserole is made of stainless steel and stands out for its vivid honeycomb embossing, which is created with the help of uniform hammering. Thus, the casserole has a high stability despite its light weight. The special pot from Yoshikawa is made of single-layer stainless steel and is therefore particularly light and handy. Already many centuries ago, sauce pots were important utensils at sea when cooking on ships. A saucepan has a good height to prevent anything from boiling over and a practical wooden handle to drain hot liquids. The current design and honeycomb structure has been around for more than 150 years.

Yoshikawa Yukihira Saucepan

How to use 

The pot is great for gently heating and briefly boiling liquids like a broth for a delicious ramen dish. Japanese dishes like dashi broths, of course, can't do without a casserole. If you don't want to go to the trouble of making the fish broth yourself, we recommend MYCONBINI Signature Fish Broth. For heating clear broths and, of course, miso soups, the Yukihira pot is ideal. In addition, a Japanese casserole has two spouts to work well with right and left. This also makes it very easy to use for sauces. Moreover, stews are popular in Japanese cuisine. The heat is evenly distributed in the saucepan, so that nothing burns, but still enough heat is generated. We recommend a lid for juicy braising, which we also have brand new instore. For us, the Japanese casserole is a real classic!

MYCONBINI tip: Our bestseller, the Yukihira saucepan from Yoshikawa is also suitable for induction stoves and any other kind of stove. It's a lovely present as well.

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