FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

1. My package has still not arrived. What do I need to do?

Please contact us directly via our contact form or call us and we will start researching with our logistic partners. Due to the global pandemic, some orders might be slightly delayed.

2. My package has arrived but there are items broken or damaged. What do I need to do?

Please contact us directly via our contact form and we will replace them free of charge. If you could include a picture of the damage situation, it would help us a lot to identify the reason for.

3. The items is currently out of stock. When does it come in again?

As long as the listing exists, we try to minimize the restocking time to 1-3 weeks. Some items are really rare and possible need to be reimported again with a longer delay time.

4. Some items are not made in Japan. Why is that? 

Although we work mostly with Japanese suppliers, due to global economy some items might be produced in other countries although the brand is Japanese. Also we stock food products from other countries as we believe in their unique taste.

5. I am living outside EU. Can I order from your website?

Yes, you can. Please drop us a message via our contact form and we are happy to figure out an exact offer for you. Since overseas shipping rates differ a lot, we will choose the right carrier for you.

6. My food item has a very close best-before-date and I am not happy with that.

Some reduced items might have lower best-before-dates, others might because global shipping logistics have delayed due to the global pandemic. We always try to reduce these cases as much as possible, even more we always want to make your MYCONBINI delivery a happy one, so please contact us directly via our contact form when you have any concerns. We will always find a solution, that's for sure.