Our Story


Tokyo One-Way ticket, please! The passion for Japan started in 2016, the year I moved to Tokyo. Living in this fascinating metropolis has influenced me in every positive way and I started to feel deeply connected with so many things around Japanese lifestyle, food and functionality. It shaped me.

Living out of a so-called Konbini (Japanese Convenience Store) has been truly one of the most profound and amazing experiences, you simply cannot forget.

The Convenience Store in Japan stands for an exciting and colorful world around eating, cooking and enjoying everyday life at a very high level. Shopping there for convenience food, ingredients, stationary, drinks, tableware and so much more has been an ongoing pleasure. Back home again, I started to miss all those tasty products and quality-gadgets and especially the pure passion about ramen (Japanese noodle soup) and is what drives our mission at MYCONBINI. Together with the support of some amazing people around me, we were able to make this happen.

Our MYCONBINI online store makes it possible: Here you will never ever have to worry again about your most beloved ramen options, ingredients and even further, we deliver you our very own MYCONBINI signature products like organic ramen broth, noodles and high quality tea from Japan. We just love eating, cooking and everything around, so we always make sure our selection will serve your needs in every possible way.

Hereby, our suppliers & producers are also our partners and we support small enterprises and original artisan family businesses. Saying so, we curate our products finely, we test them precisely and once we fall in love with them, we approve them to you at a fair price. We adore what we offer, because we trust in the quality, the design and the purpose behind every single product.

Japanese Food Supporter

2020 we have been selected to become part of the "Japanese Food Supporter Program" of the agricultural ministry of Japan, which we proudly accepted. The program is supporting businesses, who reflect the originality and the values of Japanese food overseas.

Also the environment is an important part of our company culture to us: We try to avoid plastics when ordering products and we process our deliveries climate-neutral. Together with you, we want to keep our return rate as low as possible. Your feedback means a lot to us: With your support we want to grow, so please let us always know how we can improve.

Last but not least: Our love for Japan is what we truly want to share with you and we are convinced that you will feel it as soon as you open your MYCONBINI delivery.


Fabian, Founder