YOSHIKAWA Yukihira Saucepan
YOSHIKAWA Yukihira Saucepan
YOSHIKAWA Yukihira Saucepan
YOSHIKAWA Yukihira Saucepan
Yoshikawa Yukihira Saucepan on Stove

YOSHIKAWA Yukihira Saucepan

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This Yukihira saucepan from Yoshikawa is indispensable for anyone cooking authentic Japanese food. This traditional, lightweight cooking pot is made to a design that has been common since the mid-19th century – though some argue they have evolved from a vessel used for cooking over 1000 years ago!

The sides of the saucepan are hammered to create dimples in the metal. This increases the surface area of the pan and allows heat to be conducted more quickly and evenly. They also help to prevent food from burning and sticking.

Yukihira saucepans are traditionally used to make dashi, miso soup and stewed dishes. With the internal scale and pouring spouts on either side, you’re sure to find many other uses for this versatile saucepan.

This beautiful YOSHIKAWA stainless-steel Yukihira pot is easy to care for, as it is not susceptible to rust or other forms of corrosion. It is also very durable, making this an amazing pan you can enjoy using for years to come. With both different sizes 16cm or 20cm you have one pot for every situation.

Product details:

  • Capacity: 1200ml or 1600ml
  • Typ: Japanese pot to warm up liquids, soups, broths
  • Sizing scale (ml) inside the pot
  • Suitable for any stove, also induction
  • Size 1200ml: (H) 7cm x (D) 16cm, handle: 15cm
  • Size 1600ml: (H) 8cm x (D) 20cm, handle: 17cm
  • Materials: stainless steel, wooden handle
  • Origin: Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Inna Metz
A nice pot.

Love the size, the width and the overall quality. Perfect for two decent portions of ramen or soba, good for poaching fish and chicken. I am very satisfied with this item.

Great quality

Very versatile saucepan. Lightweight and quick to heat up.

Holger Fahrenkamp
Schön & gut!

Sehr schöne Qualität, sehr schöne Form und Verarbeitung. Und das zu einem sehr korrekten Preis. Für Saucen, Brühen, Gemüse etc.

Raimo Böse
Kitchen essential

Good quality item for a decent price. Perfect for cooking broth or soup. Wouldn't like to miss this beautiful pot in my kitchen.