Furikake - The unique Japanese seasoning


Have you heard of the term furikake? It stands for various spice mixtures that go well with almost any Japanese meal. Especially rice dishes are easily spiced up by furikake and get a salty-spicy umami taste. Since furikake is usually added to the dish at the end of cooking, it can also be called a sprinkle seasoning or rice seasoning.

Furikake Japanese Seasong

What is furikake made of?

The spice mixture comes in a wide variety of compositions. Common ingredients are usually dried seaweed or fish and sesame seeds or other seeds. Each spice mixture is a little different. We'll introduce you to some classics here.

Our umami furikake made with soy sauce and kombu seaweed is a real taste sensation. With a pinch of bonito flakes, it's not suitable for vegetarians, but it's especially delicious. If you like it a little fruity, we recommend the vegetarian blend of sesame and the yuzu fruit. Sesame yuzu furikake is also very good as a topping on salads or even baked goods. Since we sometimes like things a little spicy, we like to reach for wasabi furikake with sesame seeds. As the name suggests, this spice blend contains wasabi powder and gives a very slight spiciness to the tongue.

The application

No matter which blend you choose: Furikake is simply sprinkled over a dish at the end of cooking to make it delicious and spicy. For example, the sprinkle seasoning can be used in quick rice dishes with vegetables. In onigiris, this particular spice mix can't be missing, as you may know. And this is also the case with spices, noodle, meat and fish dishes as well as stews, that can be quickly refined with the Japanese spice mixture. Either simply sprinkle furikake over the warm dish at the end of cooking, or gently fold the spices into the ingredients with a large spoon. The rice topping is versatile and there are almost no limits to its use.

MYCONBINI tip: Cook a portion of premium rice and mix in two teaspoons of furikake after a short cooling. Boom - and ready is a super quick and delicious dish for every day.

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