Miso soup - classic, healthy soul food


You may have already read our text about miso, the "brown butter of Japan". Today we want to go even deeper into the topic, because we like to share our love for soups and the corresponding knowledge with you. Miso is not only healthy, but also a real soul food for us.

Japanese Miso Soup

Quick reminder

 Miso is often obtained as a slightly creamy paste. It consists of fermented soybeans and additional ingredients, such as rice and salt. The all-rounder of Japanese cuisine probably originated over 1500 years ago and comes from Korea or China. There are light and dark miso. Depending on the color, the taste also differs. In general, the darker the paste, the stronger it tastes. With miso, you experience an umami booster no matter what dish the spice paste is used in.

The Miso Soup

The classic Japanese soup is, of course, miso soup. The warm starter or main dish is usually served with kombu, tofu and scallions. However, the facets of ingredients are varied in Japan, depending on the region and preferences. In any case, miso soups taste intense - spicy, salty, umami and, if desired, hot.

The preparation

 Miso soup is quick and easy to prepare. As a basis, you heat up a dashi broth. Then you can add pieces of tofu, kombu and spring onions to the pot. Shiitake mushrooms or some vegetables also make an excellent soup garnish. After a brief boil, you'll only need a low heat, as miso should not be cooked. The healthy bacteria created during fermentation should be preserved. Now stir a teaspoon of miso paste into the soup. The best way to do this is to use a miso stirring spoon. Season to taste and you're done.


You can pour the soup into a nice bowl, add sesame seeds and finely chopped wakame seaweed and eat the delicious warm meal, - best slurped. If you eat the miso soup as a main course, you can also cook some rice in advance, as it is common in Japan. If you are in a hurry, there are of course many instant versions that you can prepare as a snack with hot water.

MYCONBINI tip: If you find miso soups as delicious as we do, try unpasteurized premium paste in light or dark. You'll love the intense umami flavor.

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