What is an Izakaya?

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You've probably heard of izakaya before, right? In Japan there are a lot of them and also in Germany you can find here and there a restaurant called Izakaya. Izakaya is a typical bar or pub that serves mainly small dishes and alcoholic beverages - actually like Spanish tapas, but in Japanese and with other delicacies.
The word izakaya, by the way, can be roughly translated as "to linger in the store with alcohol".

Izakaya Japan

Many izakayas are quite small, but all the more cozy. Unlike some European bars, however, you never stand there, but sit, because it is rude to just drink and not order anything to eat. At Izakaya, you'll definitely discover a place of culinary creativity and socializing.

What do you eat and drink in an izakaya bar?

We'll give you a little taste of what you can find on the menu of cozy Japanese pubs:

1. Sake - the elixir of Japan:
Sake, as you know, is a rice wine and almost a staple in any izakaya. From smooth, refined junmai to fragrant ginjo varieties, there's a sake to suit every palate. Combined with different dishes, the flavors are developed and the alcohol is better tolerated.

2. Yakitori - grilled delicacies:
These skewered and grilled bites often consist of chicken and are a typical izakaya snack. For meat lovers, each bite is a smoky, savory treat.

3. Sashimi - freshness at its best:
This is our absolute favorite! Sashimi is the epitome of quality for Japanese fish and seafood. Thin slices of raw fish are elegantly presented and taste simply buttery. Finished with soy sauce and wasabi, you're in for a taste sensation. Often, sashimi is also served with delicious shiso leaves. The fillet pieces of fish such as bonito, mackerel or salmon also go very well with a good sake, of course.


4. Edamame - the snack of choice:
These tender, young soybeans, lightly salted and served in their pods, are a classic izakaya snack. When you pop them open or push them out with your teeth, the plump beans are revealed - a perfect complement to drinks. The soybeans are a very simple snack, but never boring.

5. Tempura - golden and crispy:
Tempura are lightly breaded and deep fried vegetables, but seafood could also be breaded. The crispy coating contrasts nicely with the flavorful interior. Tempura tastes best with beer, we think. You can find the tempura flour for frying vegetables yourself in our store.

6. Okonomiyaki - the savory pancake:
This Japanese favorite is made of a batter and filled with various ingredients such as cabbage, meat and seafood. The savory pancake is complemented by a special sauce, mayonnaise and sometimes bonito flakes. Okonomiyaki are real treats.

7. Gyoza - dumplings with zing:
These pan-fried or steamed dumplings are often filled with a delicious mixture of meat and vegetables.The underside is crispy and baked golden, while the filling is juicy. Dumplings are flavorful and fill you up quickly. That's why they are the perfect accompaniment to light drinks.

8. Matcha desserts - a sweet finish:
Finish your izakaya feast with a touch of traditional sweetness. Matcha-flavored desserts like mochi, ice cream, or cake offer a perfect balance to the savory delights. Or would you still like another snack?

The izakaya experience is not just about the food and drinks, but of course the lively atmosphere, friendly conversation and sense of community that surrounds us. So it's best to explore the diverse offerings for yourself and enjoy the moment in good company.

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