Berlin Store

Derived from Japan's typical style of konbini - a convenience store (there are more than 50.000 konbini scattered throughout Japan) designed to provide customers with everything they need, MYCONBINI is the contemporary answer to the lack of representation of a high-quality Asia food shop in Berlin. Come and check out our local MYCONBINI Japanese Convenience Store at Torstrasse 18, Berlin.

Opening times:

  • Mon - Fri: 11am till 7pm
  • Sat: 12am till 6pm

MYCONBINI is a shop carefully thought-out and curated that would heed that long unheard call for a true quality-driven Japanese grocery in Berlin. Offering a wide array of Japanese food - all sourced from the best possible, mostly small-scale suppliers and tested hands-on by our team - including everything from the legendary ramen, Japanese noodles, Japanese rice, yuzu, to sometimes harder-to-find Japanese ingredients and aliments such as natto, ponzu, kimchi or furikake and much, much more, MYCONBINI's range is available to buy from our physical Japan shop in Berlin-Mitte, or to order online - with free delivery for orders above 69€. In addition to this broad gamut of products, you will also find a full lineup of Japanese equipment, tableware, stationary and gifts to fulfill your needs when it comes to cooking true-style Japanese delicacies. MYCONBINI, bringing Japan to you since 2020.

Find our location here: