The Konbini in Japan - Do you know about?


Japanese Konbini

The story of our name (of course!) has a lot to do with the Japanese Konbini. Have you ever wondered where the name actually comes from? A Konbini stands for "convinience shop", from which the Japanese-English translation becomes the word "convini" or "conbini".

The classic “convenience shop” - in German the Konbini - is a mini market and because it is available in large cities or in lively places with a high need for “convenience”, it is often open 24 hours. Even in rural areas in Japan, the small supermarkets should not be missing and are easy to find everywhere.In addition to products for daily needs such as toothbrushes or other cosmetic items, food is the main focus at Konbini. In order to be able to eat something good quickly, hot and cold dishes are offered there for those who are too busy to cook. Of course, ready-made meals, drinks and sweets can also be found in the mini market. There is also the option of copying, surfing the Internet, handing in packages, withdrawing money or buying magazines. In addition, such a shop has small and practical items such as USB sticks or umbrellas on offer. In Germany, Konbinis can best be compared to a mixture of gas station, late night shopping and snack bar.

Japanese Konbini

A stopover at the Konbini always fits. We love to discover new things there! And we love good food. Traditionally, there are sandwiches, salads, fried chicken, onigiri and of course ramen in Konbinis. There you will also find bento boxes for a delicious lunch, desserts for in between and coffee or tea for a short break.In addition to large and world-famous brands, some families run their own mini markets. Our MYCONBINI is of course also an independently run small shop, which in our opinion is unique.

This type of curated product selection you can only find with us and for sure: our MYCONBINI is an online convenience shop. We specialize in Japanese food, selected ingredients and handpicked products from Japan to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible.

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