Washi Tape - This creative little gadget is ruling the world

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Japanese Washi Tape

Washi Tape - The creative deco tape conquers the world

An all-rounder for a hundred years - the washi tape has long been an absolute must-have in every household, not just in Japan. But let's start with the story. The Kamoi company in Japan originally used the adhesive tape for completely different purposes. The washi tape was used as a fly catcher and helped with repairs in the car industry. Industrial purposes were therefore the focus of the Kamoi company for a long time, until in 2006 female designers wanted to use the so-called masking tape (MT) for other purposes and in 2008 the first tapes for craft enthusiasts could be sold. To this day, new colors, shapes and designs are regularly emerging that creatives are now using all over the world. The patterns and facets of the application are almost infinite. Well-known artists regularly create new designs.

MT Masking Tape is our first choice for creating simple yet absolutely creative works of art. And everyday things also become more beautiful. For example, write on the tape and stick it on your mason jars, tea caddies or lunch boxes! Above all, this is a great idea to bring sustainability into the kitchen and never forget an expiration date. Or write sayings on the colorful tape and stick them on your containers! Or beautify your notebooks, calendars and walls! The paper is wonderful to peel off, tear and cut, even though it sticks so well. Do it yourself: Just stick the Japanese trend anywhere you like it. If something does not fit you, you can peel off the tape again, glue it again and bring it into shape.

What is Washi made of? - The semi-transparent paper is made from bast fibers and rice paste. Washi doesn't always stick. Did you know that sliding walls and even clothes and shoes are made from washi? The washi paper craft is centuries old. In the past it was mainly used for ink drawings. Many elaborate work steps were necessary for the scooped paper. Today washi is machine made.

Washi Tape in the making

The robust paper inspires people all over the world. We love the little sticky tape and hope that you are as excited about it as we are.

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