2 Years of MYCONBINI - What a madness!

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When we set the course for an online store two and a half years ago, the  pandemic broke out around us. Those were starting conditions we hadn't expected and yet, in the end, everything went better than we ever would have  dreamed...


The story begins

In 2016, the owner Fabian was staying in Japan. He worked there for a while and felt in love with the metropolis of Tokyo. A few months turned into a year and when he was back in Berlin, many memories and experiences remained - indeed those would continue to occupy him over the next two years. In 2019, he made the decision to bring curated products to Germany in the form of a small conbini. This meant a lot more work, know-how and sweat than he thought, but on July 1, 2020, the time had come: the online store of MYCONBINI was open and offering selected food ingredients, kitchen tools and gadgets from Japan. 

Packing, packing and dreaming bigger

In addition to warehouse logistics, purchasing, customer service and many other tasks, there was still a bit of time to dream. MYCONBINI continued to be preoccupied with the idea of opening a local store in Berlin. The owner Fabian got lucky: the perfect store on Torstraße was to become available soon. For 30 years, there had been a beekeeping equipment store. The operators wanted to give up the store - it had become too small and the bees lived on the outskirts anyway. So Fabian and his team continued to plan: the lease was signed in 2021 and extensive renovation work began in early 2022.


The effort was worth it

Since May 2022, MYCONBINI now is a real Japanese Konbini in the middle of the German capital - with drinks, snacks, ingredients, kitchen aids, books and much more. Since Fabian originally comes from the Berlin electronic music scene, there is always music playing in the bright store at Torstraße 18. The road of the last two years was not always easy, but the effort was worth it.

Meanwhile, our regular audience gets bigger and bigger and many people discover by accident or on purpose the fast growing product assortment, in the local store or online. Thank you to all the supporters! We will continue to make sure you have a nice shopping experience by advising you, testing all the products for you, paying attention to nice details and of course, by delivering to you quickly. Two years have flown by and we're flying above the clouds this week to celebrate the anniversary!

MYCONBINI tip: If you want to celebrate with us, join us at the local store in Berlin on Saturday, July 02. From 12:00 to 20:00 there will be drinks, snacks and good music. You can also ask Fabian and his team questions in person or give suggestions for the years to come. Thank you for your trust!

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