What is Koji exactly?

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Koji is a traditional Japanese food ingredient used in the preparation of many traditional Japanese dishes. It is a type of mushroom culture grown on rice, soybeans or other ingredients. Koji has been used in Japanese cooking for centuries and plays an important role in the production of soy sauce, miso, sake and other fermented foods.


The making

The production of koji is relatively simple. First, the selected raw material, usually rice, is washed and boiled. It is then cooled and sprinkled or sprayed with a koji culture, also called koji-kin. The koji culture consists of special moulds, especially Aspergillus oryzae. These fungi are responsible for fermenting the rice and turning it into koji. The koji culture must be turned and aerated regularly to ensure even growth.

Once the rice is fully infused with koji, it can be used to make various fermented foods. For example, koji can be stirred into soybean paste (miso) to start the fermentation process. In the production of soy sauce, koji is mixed with cooked soybeans and roasted wheat and fermented for several months. The result is a hearty and spicy sauce that is used in many Japanese dishes.

Another popular product made with koji is sake. Here, koji is mixed with water and rice and first fermented into alcohol. Then this alcohol is filtered and purified to obtain sake.

Special taste

The use of koji gives fermented foods a unique flavour and improves their texture. Koji also contains enzymes that convert complex carbohydrates into simpler sugars, which contributes to an intense flavour and supports the fermentation process.

For people who enjoy Japanese cooking, koji is an indispensable ingredient in many traditional recipes. It adds a deep umami note and a rich variety of flavours to dishes. With koji, you can make soy sauce, miso, sake and other fermented foods at home and bring your own Japanese touch to your dishes. Experiment with different ingredients and try new recipes to discover the many possibilities of koji in Japanese cuisine.

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