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At MYCONBINI, we not only want to bring you closer to food and useful and  beautiful products, but also share different aspects about Japan with you. Movies are a great way to illustrate the cultural aspects of a country and of course, to start dreaming about going there someday. Do you know the classic "Lost in Translation" from 2003? - For sure, this one is a must-see and soon this  movie will actually have his 20 years anniversary.

What is’ it all about?

"Lost in Translation" has a true star cast, Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray starring in it: Scarlett Johansson plays the young Charlotte who accompanies her husband, the photographer, in Tokyo. During the day, she waits in the hotel, bored, and gradually realizes that she leads an aimless life. The other character Bob Harris is played by Bill Murray. As an aging movie star, he spends a week in Tokyo for promotional purposes. His marriage is tired and so is his career. For a whiskey commercial, an interpreter tries to translate the instructions of the Japanese director, but remains so shortened that the content is literally "lost" in the translation. So Bob Harris is "lost in translation".

Unifying loneliness

The two characters sleep badly at night while having jet lag. But once they meet in the hotel. Despite some contrasts, they have enough in common and make friends in a foreign country that makes them melancholy. The feeling of loneliness and a certain dreaminess always lie as moods over the film.

Tokyo City Nightlife

The city of Tokyo

Director and American Sofia Coppola, who designed the film as a level-headed tragic comedy, already knew Tokyo well because she had lived there for several years before. In just under two hours you can immerse yourself in the overwhelming world of Tokyo city shortly after the turn of the millennium. Despite some clichés, the film creates a mood that makes us wistful. Especially in times when traveling is not possible, it is worth watching the film again. The images from Tokyo are iconic and exciting. "Lost in Translation" dreamily tells the story of two people who have to find their way around Japan awkwardly and in the process develop a fragile friendship.

MYCONBINI tip: We have the classic whisky Kakubin Yellow Label from Suntory on offer. You will soom remember when Bob Harris advertises this brandf during the movie.

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