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The prefecture of Niigata is on the main island of Japan, located on the coast of the Sea of Japan. In addition to a diverse history and an impressive landscape, Niigata also has many culinary specialties to offer. You will find extensive rice cultivation and many sake breweries. In addition, fish and seafood play an important role for the prefecture.

Niigata Prefecture

Moreover, in Niigata there is a valuable spice mixture called Kanzuri to refine the delicious fish, raw or fried. But also for vegetarians who like it spicy, Kanzuri can not be missed. If you haven't heard of this sublime blend yet, we will cover you now.

What is Kanzuri

Kanzuri is a spice paste made from fermented chili peppers. With the help of rice koji, salt and yuzu fruit peels, the chili peppers are fermented in the traditional Japanese way for six years. The different temperatures in summer and winter make the process of fermentation special and provide a balanced umami flavor. By the way, before the chili peppers are used, they get a long salt bath and are cooled in the snow for three to four days to avoid bitter substances and too severe spiciness. Kanzuri's long aging process makes it a true slow food in the spice department.

Kanzuri Paste

One blend, many dishes

The delicious and spicy-sweet Kanzuri blend goes well with many dishes, especially savory meat and fish dishes. In Japan, the paste is very popular for raw fish, especially sashimi. Nevertheless, the spice paste also impresses on vegetables and salads, as you can use it to make a delicious sauce or a fine dressing. If you take a teaspoon of the paste and smell it, you will notice the subtle nuances of the spice blend. You can also get inspiration for your dishes in the kitchen, because the pungent aroma and the mild yuzu note provide a harmonious balance.

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