Japanese Cooking Starter Kit

MYCONBINI Japanese Cooking Starter Kit

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The MYCONBINI Japanese Cooking Starter Kit includes some of the very key ingredients so that you can get started straight away with your first steps into this wonderful world of cuisine. This kit includes a bottle of dashi broth – the traditional Japanese stock, taking its flavour from seaweed and dried bonito flakes. It’s used in everything from broths to marinades to dressings, and is an important Japanese pantry ingredient.
Other key flavours in this Japanese starter kit are shoyu, miso and mirin (sweet rice wine), and sesame oil which help create the special umami Japanese taste that can’t be replicated with any other ingredients. The included Wakame seaweed can quickly and easily be rehydrated for soups, salads and sides. And the packet of white sesame seeds provide the must-have topping for salads and noodle dishes. On top of that, the high quality wooden chopsticks are a nice little add-on to the bundle. Itadakimasue!

Bundle includes:

  • MYCONBINI Signature Dashi Fish Broth 525ml
  • Shoda Nidan Jukusei Shoyu 300ml
  • Takara Hon Mirin 500ml
  • Kuki Goma Abura Sesame Oil dark 170ml
  • Makoto Roasted Sesame White 40g
  • Shinjyo Shiro Miso Salt Reduced Soybean Paste 400g
  • Wakame Seaweed 50g
  • TDK Woodenware 2er Chopstick Set

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Qualität und Geschmack

Die erste Bestellung bei CONBINI und gleich ein Volltreffer! Nicht nur umetikettierte Massenware, sondern wirklich authentische Qualität.
Noch dazu gut verpackt und sogar vor Weihnachten innerhalb von
48h im Haus. Von uns jedenfalls absolute Empfehlung!