Iri Goma Kuro Roasted Black Sesame 65g

Iri Goma Kuro Roasted White Sesame 65g

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These Iri Goma Shiro from famous Kuki brand are roasted white sesame seeds and a true staple of Japanese cuisine. The white sesame seeds are used for sushi and other asian dishes. They bring a wonderful, nutty flavour into your meal and are a true staple when it comes to ramen toppings.

  • Size: 65g
  • Ingredients: Sesame
  • Origin: Japan

Recommended for:

  • Noodles toppings
  • Rice seasoning
  • Marinated cucumbers
  • Bread or roll seasoning
  • Black Sesame icecream
Nutrition per 100g  
Energy 2563kJ/620kcal
Fat 54g
Saturated fat 7,6g
Carbonhydrates 6,5g
Sugar 0,7g
Protein 22g
Salt <0,01g

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