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Do you also love the taste of matcha? Do you need a warm matcha tea first thing in the morning? Or do you not know what to do with it (yet)? Here is a little guide for beginners.

What is Matcha?

This special green tea usually comes from Japan. It is ground and made exclusively from the leaf tips of a tea plant that has been shaded for at least two weeks, resulting in a lot of chlorophyll. The leaf veins are removed and the fine leaf mixture obtained is called tencha. After drying and grinding, the result is the bright green matcha powder that has long enchanted tea connoisseurs.

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The preparation

Matcha is prepared in a small ceremony. Water at 80 degrees is poured over the powder in a bowl and whipped with a bamboo whisk or whisk. The goal is a firm foam and a good distribution of the powder. Depending on the taste sensation, you can add a lot or a little water. Those who like it can even add milk to the matcha. The Matcha Latte with frothed milk is a real trendy drink in many European cities, but you can also easily enjoy the finished Matcha tea without milk.

What makes Matcha so special?

In addition to the intense, slightly sweet taste, Matcha has a positive effect on health if you drink it regularly. Due to the high amount of tea, matcha contains many vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, matcha tea, like other green tea, contains so-called catechins and polyphenols. These substances provide, for example, good blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Due to its caffeine content, matcha is an excellent alternative to coffee. The caffeine in green tea is only slowly absorbed by the body and has a calming effect. Matcha is therefore a real "super food", which has long been used not only as tea.

Matcha Latte

The colorful world of Matcha

You can enjoy Matcha not only as a hot or cold drink. Many desserts contain the green powder: ice cream, cakes, cookies or even chocolate. Our chief editor Sophie also loves the matcha liqueur from Suntory. Whether in baking as a powder, in the café or home office as a hot drink, or in the evening as a cocktail variant: you can always find a use for Matcha. Only too much should not be drunk. Two large cups per day are a sufficient amount. After opening, it is best to store your Matcha in the refrigerator so that it retains its intense flavor for several weeks. We will send you a practical tin so that the tea stays dry and fresh.

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