Hanami - the famous cherry blossom season in Japan

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It is mid-March and an important time for the Japanese is within reach: the cherry blossom. Sakura, the Japanese cherry blossom, is the unofficial flower of the country and the official plant of the city of Tokyo. Their flowers can only be observed for about ten days per region. There are numerous media and websites that comment on the degree of maturity of the buds. A whole country is waiting for the spectacle, which first begins in the south of the country and then moves on to the northern regions until the last blossoms fall from the trees in mid-May.

Sakura season Japan

Look at blossoms

Hanami means “looking at flowers” ​​- and the Japanese can do that with flying colors. When hundreds of white-pink trees are in bloom, there is no stopping them: you take photos, sit in the parks and gardens and let everyday life bounce back on you. Now it is important to be grateful for the beautiful sight of nature.

The special

The beauty of the Japanese cherry lies on the one hand in the multitude of bright flowers. In addition, the climate becomes mild and spring shows up. The mood across the country is also flourishing. In fact, since the Japanese cherry does not bear any edible fruit, its main benefit is its beautiful appearance. The sprouting flowers also have a symbolic character for various topics, for example for new beginnings or sometimes for transience.

A picnic in the park

In Japan there has been a tradition of looking at the cherry blossoms for well over a thousand years, with the Hanami festival having its origins at the imperial court. Nowadays, people usually celebrate with friends, family or work colleagues in the form of a picnic. Sake, beer, bentos and other goodies are brought and shared by everyone. You often leave your own picnic blanket or tarpaulin after a few hours in order to offer something to strangers, to get into conversation and to share your own joy. It should be noted, however, that many parks, especially in Tokyo, are very popular and therefore overcrowded.

Hanami Picknic Tokyo

Hanami is also celebrated in Germany, especially in big cities like Hamburg and Berlin. Unfortunately, all festivals have to be canceled this year. Let's hope on better times soon!

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