japanese Saito Wooden tray square Plywood
japanese Saito Wooden tray square Plywood above
japanese Saito Wooden tray square Plywood side

Saito Wooden Tray Square

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Molded plywood with a beautiful grain gives this clean-designed tray its superior lightness and durability. What a delicate piece of elegance this rSaito Wooden Tray is.

This square tray from Saito Wood is made of the molded plywood for which the company is known. Plywood, made by laminating several thin sheets of wood together, possesses the ability to be bent into difficult curves that cannot be achieved with raw wood. The result is a tray of exceptional form and practicality.

The manufacturer Saito Wood was established in 1950 in the town of Kawanecho in Shizuoka Prefecture and creates products that blend seamlessly into your lifestyle.

  • Size: (L) 32 cm x (W) 32 cm
  • Material: Laminated Wood
  • Origin: Japan