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Hanayuki Panko Flour 250g

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Have you ever heard of Panko flour? These are Japanese bread crumbs for crispy tempura, katsu or even your favourite Wiener Schnitzel. Trust us, it will never be the same again with this unique panko panade from Hanayuki.

  • Size: 250g
  • Preparation: Apply the meat, fish or vegetables in tempura batter. Then soak it in an egg-water-salt mixture. Role generously in Panko. Then deep fry in boiling oil.
  • Ingredients: Wheat flour, glucose, shortening, yeast, salt
  • Origin: Japan

 Recommended for:

  • use instead of regular breadcrumbs
  • Pork tonkotsu / schnitzel
  • Frying fish / vegetables
Nutritional information per 100g  
Energy 369kcal
Fat 3g
Saturated fat 0g
Carbohydrates 71,7g
Sugar <1g
Protein 13,8g
Salt 0,87g

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