Onigiri – How to make the Japanese fun snack

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You probably know the delicious little snack in the shape of a triangle, don't you? Mathematically correct it is probably rather a prism, but here it should be about culinary. 😊 In any case, this rice triangle is called Onigiri or also Nigirimeshi or Omusubi. Sometimes onigiris are shaped more like a ball or a square. But the shape doesn't really matter. Let's delve deeper into the recipe:

The ingredients

You'll need sushi rice, a furikake spice mix, mayonnaise, miso, and dried seaweed leaves. Of course, you can expand the ingredients with vegetables, fish and meat. We'll get started with the basic variations.


And this is how it works - Step 1

You wash the rice, let it soak and then cook it. After that, you fluff the rice and let it cool down. When the rice is still a little warm, you take a spice mixture of your choice, for example with bonito flakes or shiso leaves, and mix everything together. Sesame seeds, salt and pepper are also good to start with if you don't have a furikake mix on hand. Make sure your hands are moistened with water. You can also rub them with a little salt to give the rice a spicier note and keep it fresh longer. Now form either a kind of ball or directly a prism, i.e. the well-known triangle. The best way to make the rice triangles is to use a suitable cookie cutter, but with enough pressure in your hands, the rice will stick together without any tools.

The centerpiece - Step 2

In the center you can add Japanese mayonnaise and salmon or tuna. But also a small piece of omelette, where the egg white has been beaten before, is super suitable. If you prefer the taste of miso paste, you can put a little of it in the middle of the triangle. Do you like umeboshi? Such pickled "plum" also goes well with the rice.

rice ball

All ingredients are distributed - Step 3

Now continue shaping the rice into a handy snack with your wet hands. At the end, wrap a nori sheet around the rice when it is fully cooled and the onigiri is ready!

Your snacks can now either be packed and stored in the fridge until your guests arrive, or you can simply eat them one after the other as a main meal or snack. Note that the rice gets dry quickly, so a tupperware or the like really works wonders for storing for a day or two.

onigiri storage

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