Kimchi - This Korean sauerkraut rules the world


Kimchi Spicy Cabbage

Kimchi has become very popular in Japan. But as you may know, this cabbage preparation originally comes from Korea. Before we delve deeper into the topic, let's first clarify the basics.

What is kimchi anyway?

The delicious vegetable is a fermented cabbage, usually Chinese cabbage (or also called Japanese cabbage), to which radish is often added. Lactic acid is used to ferment the vegetable, similar to German sauerkraut. Especially in winter, kimchi has been an important source of vitamin A and C for several thousand years. The lactic and acetic acids also have an antibacterial effect. In addition, kimchi tastes particularly good and is therefore part of almost every meal in Korea, regardless of the time of day.

MYCONBINI Kimchi Salad

The preparation

In the case of kimchi, the ways of preparation differ depending on the region and preferences. The cabbage leaves are soaked in salty water. Then the cabbage is chopped with other ingredients such as radish, ginger and garlic. Along with other vegetables, chili powder and often seafood, everything is placed in clay pots and sealed. Traditionally, kimchi is prepared in a large community, with family and friends or acquaintances. In the fall, people gather to celebrate kimjang, that is, to make kimchi together and share it among community members so that everyone has enough for the winter. Meanwhile, making your own kimchi is popular in many countries around the world.

An unique taste you can't compare

Kimchi tastes sour and slightly spicy. The spiciness was supposedly brought to the dish by Europeans about three hundred years ago. In any case, kimchi is really tasty, has many vitamins, is easily digestible and even low in calories. Compared to sauerkraut, kimchi is much spicier and has a very strong taste.

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