Ao Nori Seaweed 2g

Ao Nori Seaweed 3g

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Versatile and tasty - this dried and powdered roasted Ao Nori seaweed mixture is the perfect topping for pimping up your ramen or okonmiyaki. Top it on soba or rice for some extra umami. This is a must have staple for special occasions to give your dish the little extra kick and a nice greenish look.

  • Size: 3,2g
  • Ingredients: Algae seaweed (ulva prolifera)
  • Origin: Japan

Recommended for:

  • Ramen topping
  • Soba noodles topping
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Onigiri
Nutrition fact per 100g  
Energy 670kJ/160kcal
Fat 5,2g
saturated Fat 1,32g
Carbo 37,5g
Sugar 0g
Protein 30,6g
Salt 2,4g

Attention! Iodine-rich foods. A consumption of more than 3 leaves per day can lead to disorders of the thyroid function. This warning is based on the German legal provision. In Japan it is not necessary.

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