What exactly is yuzu?

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If you like fruity things and Japanese food, you've probably come across yuzu before. But do you know what it is exactly?

yuzu tree

The citrus fruit belongs to the rue family and was already cultivated several thousand years ago in China as a cross between two citrus species. The fine tree has spines and is tolerant of cold. The fruits are yellow, the size of a tennis ball and have many large seeds, similar to a lemon or orange. The flesh tastes slightly bitter, somewhat sour, but also fruity and juicy. Yuzus are harvested from November to the beginning of January. After harvesting, the fruit can be stored for three weeks. In Europe, you will hardly find the whole fruit, but you can explore many products made from yuzu.

The use of yuzu

Because the peel has a special aroma and the juice tastes like a mixture of grapefruit and lemon, yuzu is used in many ways in the kitchen. Besides oils, spice mixtures, jams and drinks, yuzu can even be found in some perfumes. Classicly, the peel is used to make yuzokosho, a delicious fruity chilli paste with green or red chilli. You can also make your own spice paste by mixing yuzu peel powder, salt, chilli powder and a little oil. The finished mixture is good for marinating meat or vegetables or as a base for a sauce. The fruit juice is also used in delicious sauces and gives your dishes a full-bodied taste. Yuzu ponzu, for example, is a classic soy sauce that is refined with the fruit juice.

yuzu sake

The yuzu juice

Since the fruit has many seeds and a rather thick peel, one kilogram of yuzu is needed to press 100 millilitres of juice. A direct juice is therefore really noble. You can dissolve the juice in water and enjoy the refreshing taste or drink a small shot for your daily dose of vitamin C. But the yellow fruit is also well suited for refining alcoholic drinks. Do you know yuzu sake, for example? It's a delicious sake-based mixed drink that can be used in many cocktails or enjoyed straight on ice.

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