Oyakodon - The nostalgic Japanese comfort food


Many Japanese dishes are known as real "comfort food". That is, because the  food is not only tasting good, but is also good for the soul and makes you feel good when you eat it. Oyakodon is easy to cook, which is why it is very popular in Japan. Translated, Oyakodon means "parent-child bowl". The dish is a rice bowl that is served with chicken and egg, in this sense "parent and child". 

The ingredients

In addition to chicken and eggs, (spring) onions, dashi and soy sauce should not be missing. Everything is cooked together with sake or mirin and served over rice. Depending on which region you are in Japan, Oyakodon is refined differently. 

The preparation

Oyakodon is cooked in a pan and cooked in less than 30 minutes.

  • You cut a chicken fillet into small pieces, cut an onion into thin rings and whisk one or two eggs.
  • The onions are fried in a dashi sauce. It's best to use mirin or sake mixed with soy sauce, dashi and a pinch of sugar. Everything is now stirred.
  • After five minutes, add the chicken and cook it over low heat for another five minutes.
  • Then the liquid egg comes on the mass. Cover the pan for about two minutes.
  • After you serve the egg-chicken mix on rice. Only fresh from the rice cooker, of course. Sprinkle finely chopped spring onions on top - done! 

Such a simple and quick bowl! There are many interpretations out there for how to prepare the dish in vegetarian version. Maybe you have an idea for it? 

MYCONBINI tip: In our kitchen range we have the small oyakodon pan with lid, in which you canmake your own version of Oyakodon.

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